Driver Details

Wirepath DVR

Updated: May 14, 2014
Version: 1.01


This driver provides IP and serial control for the SnapAV Wirepath series DVRs.

Version History:

Version 1.01 adds NVR support.

SnapAV Wirepath Surveillance DVR/NVR

This driver is for the SnapAV Wirepath Surveillance DVR. It was tested on a 9 channel WPS-300-DVR with a firmware of 07.77.53 and a 4 channel WPS-100-NVR-4IP with a firmware of N0905-SA1.0.12_1041.

Release History

1.0 The original release of the driver

1.01 Added NVR support and sample file.

Added XPDiagnostics driver compatibility.

Driver Configuration

Driver Mode

Select the appropriate driver mode for use. Selections are DVR and NVR.

Connection Type

Select the type of connection for driver communication with the DVR/NVR. DVR units can use either Network(TCP) or Serial. NVR units use Network (TCP) only.

Network (TCP) Settings (DVR and NVR Mode)

The Ethernet connection on the Wirepath DVR/NVR should be connected to the Network. It is recommended that the Wirepath DVR/NVR is set to a static IP address. Please see Wirepath DVR/NVR manual for information on how to set a static IP address.

A Username and Password are required for initializing a telnet session when set to DVR mode, or for sending securely authenticated commands when set to NVR mode.

In DVR mode it is recommended that an Operator or Supervisor account is created on the Wirepath DVR for use with 3rd party controllers. Please see Wirepath DVR manual for more information on the differences between the account types and how to setup new accounts.

Network Notification Port (NVR Mode Only)

Network Notification Port - Enter the port to use for notifications such as motion, input 1, input 2, and video loss notifications. The driver by default uses port 8081.

RS-232 Serial Port Settings (DVR Mode Only)

The RS-232 connection on the Wirepath DVR should be connected to the processor serial adapter with a null modem.

The Baud Rate setting must match the Baud Rate of the Wirepath DVR under the RS-232 Setup.

Additional configuration of the Wirepath DVR RS-232 settings must be as follows:

Device Type = Keyboard

Model = Terminal

Data Bit = 8

Stop Bit = 1

Parity = None

DVR/Camera ID = 0

Driver Notes

- Connection status variables and events are available in both DVR and NVR modes when using Network (TCP) control. DVR mode also provides login status variables and events when using Network (TCP) control. NVR mode also provides motion, input 1, input 2, and video loss variables and events.

- While in NVR mode, Motion, Input 1, Input2, and Video Loss variables and events are system wide. Individual channel (camera) variables and events are not available.