Driver Details


Updated: May 7, 2022
Version: 2.12

PLEASE NOTE: When using ID11 this driver is no longer necissary as it has been included in the project file automatically. This driver is ONLY needed for ID9 or if you accidentally delete the Weather driver from your system.

The Weather driver provides worldwide weather data. Location data can be entered in the driver as city, state, country, as a zip code for US installations, or as a latitude/longitude location. It then provides current weather conditions as both text and graphic based variables. It also provides a 5-day forecast, current weather alerts, and almanac information such as the rise and set times of the sun and moon.

Localization options allow over 70 languages/dialects and multiple choices for measurement units

Technical Notes:

Weather Driver Location Info for the UK

Version History:

Version 2.0 Introduces a new data feed source, localization options, and auto updating. For those updating from pre-2.0 versions, please read the 'Introducing Weather 2.0' file below.

We have included a link to instructions for UK Integrators to enter the location information

Version 2.11 Updated Driver Properties to include an invalid location by default to prevent usage of driver when not configured, also updated the naming of scale for data to be more user-friendly.

Version 2.12 Updated the default units for certain variables to accomodate Coral templates.


Note on Weather Driver 2.0 and greater:

The newer versions of the Weather Driver execute a cloud hosted code module. The cloud is checked regularly for updated driver code and, when a newer version is found, the driver will switch to the new version. This should dramatically reduce the need to update the driver to accommodate problems with, or changes, in the API.

This driver provides weather data using an internet connection. The driver provides current condition and forecast data as well as satellite images.

Location Setting

The driver supports several ways to specify the location configuration option. For cities in the US, the recommended format is zip code.

Location: 55379

Location: 75008:FR (international postal codes must include country code separated by a colon. Currently, only GB, FR, DE, and IT are supported)

Location: Shakopee, MN

Location: Paris, FR

Location: 45.3,93.2

Unit Type Setting

This configuration options sets the default units to display (Standard, Metric, Metric SI, and Hybrid UK). The scale can be changed at any time using the driver function 'Set Unit Type'. For metric data there is one additional option: "Pressure in Millimeters of Mercury" to show pressure in mmHg

Long Name Imperial (English) Metric Metric SI Hybrid UK

Temperature f (fahrenheit) c (celsius) c (celsius) c (celsius)

Pressure hg (inches of mercury) mb (millibars) mb (millibars) mb (millibars)

Precipitation in (inches) - rain/snow mm (rain), mm (rain), mm (rain),

cm (snow) cm (snow) cm (snow)

Distance mi (miles) km (kilometer) m (meter) mi (miles)

Visibility mi (miles) km (kilometer) km (kilometer) km (kilometer)

Wind Speed mh (miles/hour) km (km/hour) m/s (meters/second) mph (miles/hour)

Localization Settings

The original Weather Driver returned data that would need to be localized as integers defaulted to their English equivalents. These variables were for the days of the week, and compass directions. Putting these variables on in a text field allowed you to change the integer list (in the button properties) to the values used in a particular language. The new driver allows those values to be entered into the configuration so that they will be used every time the variable is; you no longer have to change the list every time the variable is used. You can also use the Export Config option to save an Config setup and import it into another file on a different job

The driver can also return the weather data localized for over 70 countries/languages. There is a Language entry in the configuration that requires a language key available at the end of this document. This was not a feature of the original RTI Weather Driver so the data, when used to display condition text, is returned in separate variables called Localized Condition Text, or ‘(real weather)’. The [Text Forecast] Condition Text has always been more verbose so that has always been returned as text data which will now be in the language specified in the Config.

Use Personal Weather Station (PWS) Setting

The new source of the weather feed used in Driver 2.0 and higher automatically incorporates PWS data when it is available and valid. The data feed promises accurate data on a 500-meter grid, allowing significantly greater accuracy than the old feed, even without the use of PWS data.

Personal Weather Stations can still be used to populate PWS system variables, however. The PWS data can be more relevant based on location but has less information available so a separate set of variables were provided. Once the box has been checked, a field for Station ID becomes available. These weather stations are part of the network of Weather Station on If the field is left blank, the driver will choose the closest station to the set location.


Satellite Images

The driver provides two forms of satellite image data: infrared and visible. The driver also provides a mode dependent satellite image that can toggle between the two. Each image variable supports zoom levels from 1-10 where 10 is the maximum zoom level. The default zoom levels can be set in the driver configuration and through driver functions.

Radar Images

To use animated radar and map data the remotes and in-walls must be running software version 2.1 or greater.

Condition Graphic Variables

The condition graphic is represented as an integer that indexes into the condition graphic image list. The following table describes the indexes.

0 - Chance of Flurries

1 - Chance of Rain

2 - Chance of Sleet

3 - Chance of Snow

4 - Chance of Thunderstorms

5 - Clear

6 - Cloudy

7 - Flurries

8 - Fog

9 - Hazy

10 - Mostly Cloudy

11 - Mostly Sunny

12 - Partly Cloudy

13 - Partly Sunny

14 - Rain

15 - Sleet

16 - Snow

17 - Sunny

18 - Thunderstorms

19 - Unknown

20 - Night Chance of Flurries

21 - Night Chance of Rain

22 - Night Chance of Sleet

23 - Night Chance of Snow

24 - Night Chance of Thunderstorms

25 - Night Clear

26 - Night Cloudy

27 - Night Flurries

28 - Night Fog

29 - Night Hazy

30 - Night Mostly Cloudy

31 - Night Mostly Sunny

32 - Night Partly Cloudy

33 - Night Partly Sunny

34 - Night Rain

35 - Night Sleet

36 - Night Snow

37 - Night Sunny

38 - Night Thunderstorms

39 - Night Unknown

Language Codes

ar-AE Arabic - (United Arab Emirates)

az-AZ Azerbaijani - (Azerbaijan)

bg-BG Bulgarian - (Bulgaria)

bn-BD Bengali, Bangla - (Bangladesh)

bn-IN Bengali, Bangla - (India)

bs-BA Bosnian - (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

ca-ES Catalan - (Spain)

cs-CZ Czech - (Czechia)

da-DK Danish - (Denmark)

de-DE German - (Germany)

el-GR Greek (modern) - (Greece)

en-GB English (Great Britain)

en-IN English - (India)

en-US English - (United States of America)

es-AR Spanish - (Argentina)

es-ES Spanish - (Spain)

es-LA Spanish - (Latin America)

es-MX Spanish - (Mexico)

es-UN Spanish - (International)

es-US Spanish - (United States of America)

et-EE Estonian - (Estonia)

fa-IR Persian (Farsi) - (Iran)

fi-FI Finnish - (Finland)

fr-CA French - (Canada)

fr-FR French - (France)

gu-IN Gujarati - (India)

he-IL Hebrew (modern) - (Israel)

hi-IN Hindi - (India)

hr-HR Croatian - (Croatia)

hu-HU Hungarian - (Hungary)

in-ID Indonesian - (Indonesia)

is-IS Icelandic - (Iceland)

it-IT Italian - (Italy)

iw-IL Hebrew - (Israel)

ja-JP Japanese - (Japan)

jv-ID Javanese - (Indonesia)

ka-GE Georgian - (Georgia)

kk-KZ Kazakh - (Kazakhstan)

kn-IN Kannada - (India)

ko-KR Korean - (South Korea)

lt-LT Lithuanian - (Lithuania)

lv-LV Latvian - (Latvia)

mk-MK Macedonian - (Macedonia)

mn-MN Mongolian - (Mongolia)

ms-MY Malay - (Malaysia)

nl-NL Dutch - (Netherlands)

no-NO Norwegian - (Norway)

pl-PL Polish - (Poland)

pt-BR Portuguese - (Brazil)

pt-PT Portuguese - (Portugal)

ro-RO Romanian - (Romania)

ru-RU Russian - (Russia)

si-LK Sinhalese, Sinhala - (Sri Lanka)

sk-SK Slovak - (Slovakia)

sl-SI Slovenian - (Slovenia)

sq-AL Albanian - (Albania)

sr-BA Serbian - (Bosnia and Herzegovina)

sr-ME Serbian - (Montenegro)

sr-RS Serbian - (Serbia)

sv-SE Swedish - (Sweden)

sw-KE Swahili - (Kenya)

ta-IN Tamil - (India)

ta-LK Tamil - (Sri Lanka)

te-IN Telugu - (India)

tg-TJ Tajik - (Tajikistan)

th-TH Thai - (Thailand)

tk-TM Turkmen - (Turkmenistan)

tl-PH Tagalog - (Philippines)

tr-TR Turkish - (Turkey)

uk-UA Ukrainian - (Ukraine)

ur-PK Urdu - (Pakistan)

uz-UZ Uzbek - (Uzbekistan)

vi-VN Vietnamese - (Viet Nam)

zh-CN Chinese - (China)

zh-HK Chinese - (Hong Kong)

zh-TW Chinese - (Taiwan)