Driver Details

Tizen OS for Samsung TVs

Updated: Feb. 9, 2024
Version: 1.12


This driver is for controlling TiZen OS installed on Samsung TVs.

Important Note: In late 2022, Samsung disabled the Art Mode Commands in Tizen OS

Please Note: This driver will not work with Samsung H & J Series TVs.

Version History:

Version 1.02 - Added new Apps for Polish, Swiss, Australian, Spanish, and Portuguese TVs

Version 1.03 - Updated Driver Info, Added Belgian, Dutch, German and Italian Apps.

Version 1.04 -

  • Updated to the driver info sheet to provide more detail
  • Reworked power commands so there is only one command
  • Added Dash Command
  • Reworked discreet inputs

Version 1.1 - Added SmartThings commands for power and discrete inputs.

Version 1.11 - Minor bug fix identifying the display name.

Version 1.12 - Removed SmartThings. If you want SmartThings, Use the Samsung Tizen OS TV with SmartThings Driver.

Samsung Tizen TV

This driver is for Samsung Tizen based smart televisions.

It will not work with H & J series tvs.

To check if your tv is a Tizen based model, Go to the About this TV menu.

If the software version starts with a T, then it is a Tizen OS TV.

To use art mode on a frame tv, you have to use the art mode commands, Power off will always turn the tv off.

For the Wake on Lan to work the tv has to be connected via ethernet.

It won’t work over Wifi.

The delay after turning the tv off is not down to the driver.

The tv takes approximately 30 seconds to power off, and due to them only accepting a WoL command to turn on, this is ignored until the tv is fully powered off.

There isn’t anything we can do to speed it up unfortunately.

TV Settings

You need to allow notification prompts.

This is done by going to - Settings / General / External Device Manager / Device Connection Manager / Access Notification and set it to First Time Only.

You also need Power on by Mobile enabled.

This is done by going to - Settings / General / Network / Expert Settings.

Revision History

1.01 Initial Release of the Driver

1.02 Updated Apps for Polish, Swiss, Australian, Austrian, Spanish and Portuguese.

1.03 Updated Driver Info, Added Belgian, Dutch, German and Italian Apps.

1.04 Updated Driver Info, Added Dash Command, Reworked Power controls, Reworked Inputs.

1.1 Added Smartthings commands for power and discrete inputs.

1.11 Fix for if TV isn’t identified correctly.

1.12 Removed SmartThings. If you want SmartThings, Use the Samsung Tizen OS TV with SmartThings Driver.

Driver Configuration Settings:

TV Name - The Name of the tv (Only for diagnostic purposes)

TV Settings Name - The name that you want it to present to the tv

IP Address - The IP address of the tv. Please ensure this is a static IP address. This is required for control.

Mac Address - The MAC address of the tv. In the format of 12:34:56:78:90:11 , This is required to turn the tv on.

Use SSL – Select this if you have trouble connecting without it.

WOL Port - The WoL port to use (normally 7 but can be 9)

Delay Required For Input Selection (ms)- This setting determines how long after sending the tv command, the driver waits before sending the source commands to select the inputs.

Most tvs are ok with 3000ms, but some require up to 5000ms.

The delay is done in milliseconds, so 1000ms = 1s.

Power State Poll Time - The TV doesn’t notify the driver if it is turned on or off by other means, such as the Samsung remote control. So the driver polls the TV to check if it’s on or not.

App Settings - In this setting, you can decide which apps are available for programming. They are separated into regional categories. Apps such as Netflix etc are in the Universal category.

If a specific app doesn’t work for you, try the Alt version of the App.

It is advised to have the tv on when you upload the project.

The tv will pop up an authorization prompt when the driver first connects.

You need to allow this. It should only ask once as the driver saves the authorisation info.

Power Info

This driver uses Wake on Lan to turn the tv on.

This should work for all tv’s that support WoL.

The driver detects if it is a frame tv or not and issues the correct power off command.

So the power on will always send a WoL command, and the power off will always power off the tv.


Power On

This function switches the tv on using Wake on Lan (will not work over Wifi)

Power Off

This function switches the tv off.

Power Toggle

This function toggles the power state of the tv.

Art Mode On

Puts the tv into art mode

Art Mode Off

Exits art mode


There are several apps available for direct launching

You must enable them in the driver config.

In addition, you also have the ability to stop the app.

And also install the app if it’s not already installed.

If you try to launch an app that is not installed, the driver automatically opens the install page for the app.

Some apps are labelled as (Region 1) or (Region 2), If one doesn’t work try the other one.

There is also a raw app input command.

When using the raw command, there will not be any app state tracking etc available.


The following controls are available in this driver:

Not all commands will work with all tv’s.

The discreet HDMI input commands didn’t work with the models we tried them on for example.

The input commands are a sequence of keys that are a work around for the HDMI Inputs.

Volume Commands

Volume Up

Volume Down

Volume Set


Channel Commands

Channel Up

Channel Down

Previous Channel

Favorite Channels

Channel List


Magic Channel

Source Commands

If you only have 1 HDMI connected use the Scroll Active HDMI Inputs command.

Otherwise use the Input commands.

The Input commands selects TV, then selects the source command the number of times required to get to the input number.

So for Input 1 it would select TV, then Source, then Source again, then select.

For Input 2 it would select TV, then Source, then Source two more times, then select.

And so on..

TV – Select the TV Input or Samsung TV Plus if No TV source is configured.

Scroll Active HDMI Inputs - Only Scrolls Through Connected HDMI Inputs

Source - Scrolls Through all Inputs

Input 1 – Workaround to select the first Input after TV.

Input 2 – Workaround to select the second Input after TV.

Input 3 – Workaround to select the third Input after TV.

Input 4 – Workaround to select the fourth Input after TV.

Input 5 – Workaround to select the fifth Input after TV.

Aspect Ratio Commands

Picture Size



4:3 (Alt

16:9 (Alt)

Picture Commands

Picture Mode







Movie (Alt

Standard (Alt)

Remote Control Commands



















Transport Control Commands





Fast Forward


Number Pad Commands

Digit 1

Digit 2

Digit 3

Digit 4

Digit 5

Digit 6

Digit 7

Digit 8

Digit 9

Digit 0

Raw Commands

Here you can enter any commands we might have missed. You have to use the Key format, Such as KEY_MENU.


The following feedback is available:


Power On

Power Off

Power On Disabled State


Mute State

Art Mode State

Art Mode On

Art Mode Off

App Status for Each App


The following Events are available:

Power On

Power Off

Power On Is Now Active

Mute On

Mute Off