Driver Details

Sony VPL Video Projectors

Updated: April 11, 2014
Version: 1.2


This driver controls and monitors Sony VPL video projectors (including lamp hours) via RS-232 or IP.

Please Note: For all models 2019 and newer use the Sony 4k driver.

Version History:

Version 1.1 updates to newer commands/variables including 3D and adds IP control.

Version 1.2 adds Wake on LAN and Projector Discovery for better IP control of newer projectors.

Sony VPL Projectors

Provides control and feedback for Sony Video Projectors via RS-232 and IP. The driver was written and tested using a VPL-HW15 Version 1.1 was tested with a VPL-VW1000ES. Version 1.2 was tested with a VPL-VW600ES.

Release History

1.0 The initial release of the driver

1.1 Adds commands for current models including 3D, adds IP control

1.11 fixes the Motion Enhancer command (was only on/off, now off/low/high)

1.12 adds a 'raw' input command, enter the integer that selects the input you're looking for

1.2 Adds Wake on LAN capability to power on the projector (See below). Also adds support for Simple Display Advertisement (Network Locator) which allows the use of projectors at unknown IP addresses

Driver Notes

The projectors do not return unsolicited feedback so the driver does not get sent information when the state of the projector is changed outside of the driver.

The driver requests parameters for functions it has changed so if you press a button and see feedback, that is actual projector feedback. Other than that the driver only polls for full feedback when the projector changes inputs. The only information the driver continuously polls are Power, Input and Lamp Hours.


Sony does not use a consistant input numbering and naming scheme between models so the input commands may not work correctly for your projector. If you have the protocol document for the projector you can use the raw input command. Barring that you will have to put the commands on a button and try them.


The driver has several events:


There are driver events for the driver entering and leaving the full power on state, and for entering and leaving standby. There are variables for all the intermediate states but no events.


A change in input will trigger a System Event

Lamp Hours:

On the configuration page you can enter three Lamp Hour 'Landmark' values. The driver will send the corresponding event when the values are reached.

IP Control

Several models must have their IP Control enabled through a web interface (Use Internet Explorer for best results) on the projector, . Go to the Setup pageand enable PJTalk. You must also put the XP processors address into the Host Address list to allow control. For simplicity the driver uses the default community of SONY so leave that as is.

Wake On LAN

Wake on LAN is a special command that can be broadcast on the network signalling devices to turn themselves on. Sony has implemented this protocol in several projectors, starting with the VPL-VW500/600ES. Building these packets REQUIRES two pieces of the projector's network setup information. These can both be found in the projector's menu under the Installation heading. You need the projector's MAC address which is six 2 digit hex numbers separated by dashes, and the network mask (which is generally, but should be copied into the config just as it is in the menu.

Projector Locator (Projector Discovery)

The driver can use information broadcast by the projector (when it's on) to locate it on the network. If there is more than one Sony projector on the network you will need to enter a serial number so the driver finds the correct one, otherwise you can leave it blank. There is no need to enter an IP address into the configuration as the driver will determine and use the correct one. The driver will fill in the IP Address variable once it finds the projector, and will get a new address if it loses track of the projector. This information is only broadcast when the projector is on so no vvariables can be initialized until the projector is on.