Driver Details

NuVo NV-T2SIR Tuner

Updated: Sept. 22, 2011
Version: 1.03


This driver is for the NuVo NV-T2SIR FM/AM Tuner with Sirius Satellite Radio support connected to the XP processor via RS-232.

Version History:

Version 1.02: fixes a problem where the XP processor would not connect to the tuner.

Version 1.03: adds 9600 baud for legacy NV-T2 tuners and updated Sirius Information variable title to Sirius/FM Information.

NuVo Technologies NV-T2SIR Tuner

This driver was designed and tested with the NuVo NV-T2SIR (Version 1.07) connected to a Sirius SCH2P Home Receiver (Via Sirius 8Pin Link Cable).

Version Information

Version 1.0 - Initial release of the driver.

1.01 - Fixed intermittent initialization issue.

1.02 - Fixed tuner band variable when selecting stations via presets.

1.03 - Added 9600 baud for legacy NV-T2 Tuners. Updated Sirius Information variable title to Sirius/FM Information.

RS-232 Connection

The RS-232 connection on the NuVo NV-T2SIR should be connected with a straight through cable to the XP processor serial adapter.

The NuVo NV-T2SIR defaults to a baud rate of 57600. 9600 baud rate is for legacy tuners only.

Special Notes

- When switching to Sirius Radio via the Toggle Band or Sirius Band driver command, the current preset variable is not changed due to the tuner sending the last preset in the response string and not the current preset or no preset.

- Sirius/FM information variables may not contain any information if the tuner itself doesn't receive any information. The information it displays can differ in format from station to station when used for FM. If the station does not contain any information the variables are not updated as there is nothing to update them to.