Driver Details

Netgear M4300 Pro AV Switches

Updated: Jan. 12, 2024
Version: 1.0


This driver is for controlling Netgear M4300 Series Network Switches.

The M4300 Series is tailored for larger enterprises with more extensive networking needs. These switches come with advanced Layer 3 routing capabilities, enabling them to handle complex network architectures. The M4300 Series also supports stacking, allowing multiple switches to be interconnected for improved scalability and simplified management.

  • Ability to Enable/Disable any port. 

  • Ability to Enable/Disable PoE on any PoE port. 

  • Power Cycle of Switch. 

  • Feedback for Port State, PoE State, Power Consumption etc. 

  • Masks Password in Driver Configuration.

Version History:

Version 1.0 - Initial Release

Netgear M4300 ProAV Switches


Introduction & Manufacturer Profile

Netgear have produced an entirely new series of switches developed and engineered for the growing audio, video over IP (AV over IP) market. These AV Line switches combine years of networking expertise with best practices from leading experts in the professional AV market

Version History

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Driver Features

Ability to Enable/Disable any port. Ability to Enable/Disable PoE on any PoE port. Power Cycle of Switch. Feedback for Port State, PoE State, Power Consumption etc. Masks Password in Driver Configuration

System Requirements & Prerequisites

RTI System Requirements

Integration Designer: 11.4 or later

XP FW: 23.5.11 or later

Driver Configuration

Add the driver to Global.

Once added you will need to configure the driver configuration

Switch Name - Give the switch an appropriate name

IPAddress - Enter the switches IP Address here

User Name - Enter the User Name to be used here. (We recommend setting up a user just for the driver in the Switches Settings)

To Add a User, Log in to the switches Main UI, go to the Security page, and create a user with Read and Write Access then select the SHA512 Encryption and click add and save.

Password - Enter the Password for the User here

Select Switch Model - Select the model of the switch you are using here. Its important you select the correct switch model or the port configuration will be wrong.

Template Page Names:

Netgear Switch

System Testing

Integration Designer: ID11.5

XP Processor Model: XP-8v

XP Processor Firmware: 23.5.11

Device Model(s): M4300

Device FW:

Support Contact

RTI Control - 1.952.253.3137