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By: Intrinsic Dev
Updated: March 29, 2024
Version: 240324.00

This Official myQ Driver for RTI provides control of myQ garage door/gate openers, and compatible lighting devices, from within RTI via the myQ Cloud.

myQ turns any garage into a smart garage. More than 10 million people rely on the myQ app to control, secure, monitor, and provide access to their garage, homes, and businesses.

Model Number(s):myQ compatible devices
Control Platform:RTI
ID Version Required:11.7.1
XP Firmware Required:23.11.16
Driver Developer:Intrinsic Dev, Part of Intrinsic Group Limited
Document Revision Date:28th February 2024

> Overview

This driver provides control and feedback of up to 36 myQ devices - 12 garage door openers, gate openers and lights via the myQ Cloud.

> Supported features


Button TagCommand Name

GDO Open [1-12]Open

GDO Close [1-12]Close

Gate Open [1-12]Open

Gate Close [1-12]Close

Light On [1-12]On

Light Off [1-12]Off

Variables –

Button TagVariable NameType

GDO [1-12] NameNameString

GDO [1-12] StateStateString
GDO [1-12] isOpenisOpenBoolean

GDO [1-12] isClosedisClosedBoolean

Gate [1-12] NameNameString

Gate [1-12] StateStateString
Gate [1-12] isOpenisOpenBoolean

Gate [1-12] isClosedisClosedBoolean

Light [1-12] NameNameString

Light [1-12] StateStateString
Light [1-12] isOnisOnBoolean

Light [1-12] isOffisOffBoolean

Boolean variables have been pre-assigned with tag type ‘visible’. Meaning that when the tag is assigned to an element this element will only be visible when the state is true. This can be changed in Integration Designer.

Placeholder sample text has been provided for String variables to help with panel design layout.

Events –


[Name] (GDO [1-12])[01-12] Open

[Name] (GDO [1-12])[01-12] Closed

[Name] (Gate [1-12])[01-12] Open

[Name] (Gate [1-12])[01-12] Closed

[Name] (Light [1-12])[01-12] On

[Name] (Light [1-12])[01-12] Off

Command, Variable and Event instances become available throughout the Integration Designer project in accordance with the values selected in the ‘Number of Devices’ integer dropdowns in Driver Properties.

Additionally, device number for Garage Door Openers, Gates and Lights can be set to 0 hiding the unused commands, variables and events from the project.

Any feature not specifically noted as supported should be assumed to be unsupported.

> Driver support

This driver is fully supported via our online ticketing system. If you require assistance with this driver please submit a support request at

> Continued dealer support

Intrinsic Dev offer free licence keys for showrooms and dealers’ own homes. To obtain your free licence keys simply drop us a support ticket. All of our drivers/modules are fully supported by our online ticketing system.

> Disclaimer

Intrinsic Dev’s drivers are created to the highest standard developed with industry leading practices.

By installing this driver, you agree to our full Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be found at the end of this document.

> Driver licence

This driver requires a licence to function. Pricing and licences can be obtained by visiting Licences are issued on a per controller basis. You only need a single licence for multiple installations on the same controller.

> Driver configuration

Ensure you have downloaded the latest version of the driver from:

Licensing - This driver is powered by the Intrinsic(Athena) cloud and will auto detect if you have purchased a licence for your systems MAC address.

If you have not already purchased a licence it will show an error. Please navigate to to rectify and within a few minutes of order completion the driver will update and activate. You do not need to enter any information manually or make changes to the driver.

> Device setup

Set up the device as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Please ensure the device is fully operational stand-alone before attempting integration onto a RTI system.

> Device pairing

IMPORTANT – Only one successful authorisation per controller MAC address is permitted. Do not test with a different account and ensure you only activate the driver using the homeowner’s account.

> Configuration Process

1. Download the latest version of the driver from .

2. Place the .rtidriver file in your designated custom driver directory. This can be identified in Apex by clicking Options > Set Directories.

3. Import instances of the driver into your project as required.

4. In Driver Properties - Management Port – Set an available port number for the driver web interface (a server hosted on the RTI processor) to begin oAuth and show myQ devices found on the network.

5. Send the configuration to the processor.

6. Open a web browser and enter the IP Address of your RTI processor followed by a colon and the Management Port number, e.g. Allow a few moments for the driver to start. The Pairing Key page will appear displaying your pairing key.

7. Copy this key and click the link to go to Clicking the link opens the page in a new tab, keep the Management Port web page open so you can return to it to view Device IDs and Names after oAuth is complete.

8. Enter/paste the key into the input field and follow the pairing procedure. You will be asked for the clients myQ cloud username and password.

9. Once completed successfully you’ll be shown a confirmation screen.

10. To obtain the Device ID(s), return to the Management Port web page, allow a few moments, and then refresh the page until all expected devices are visible and allocated to their device type table. The ID column shows the device IDs, these must be copied and pasted into the Integration Designer project. The Name column shows the names set via the MyQ app for identification reference and to show the name that will be imported if Import Device Names from MyQ is enabled.

11. Head back to Integration Designer - Driver Properties - Number of Devices:

After ensuring the Management Port web page has been refreshed (step 10.), use this web page as a guide to select how many devices there are for each device type via the dropdowns. Device input fields will populate below.

Number of Devices can be set to 0 to hide from project completely if not in use..

12. Paste the copied Device ID(s) from the refreshed Management Port web page (step 10.) into the corresponding device type ID input fields that have populated after completing step 11..

13. Use Import Device Names from MyQ – Toggle On to allow the driver to use the device names set in myQ App or Off if you wish to set new custom names in your Integration Designer project.

a) If Import Device Names from MyQ has NOT been enabled, use the name fields below the ID input fields to enter a device name. These names will be displayed via the Name text variable and used throughout the Integration Designer project.

14. You can now move onto setting up your UI.

The attached MyQ-Example.apex file contains a fully configured UI (Virtual Panel) for 1 Garage Door Device.

Tested on:

Integration Designer – 11.7.1

XP Processor Model: XP-3

XP Processor Firmware: 23.11.16

Debug – Install the XP Diagnostics driver. Enter processor IP Address into browser. Set “Driver – MYQ” to High and Save Level.

Pairing Key and Device IDs can also be found in logs.

> Integration Designer11

There are multiple ways to map the features from this driver to a Controller, we recommend using the Tag Browser technique.

> Tag Browser

Tag Browser shows all tags - commands and variables provided by the driver. Using the Filter, the tags from this driver can be shown and organised alphabetically by selecting Show MYQ Driver Tags and then dragged to a button, automatically assigning the function or text variable.

> Tag Field

Another technique is to use the Tag input field. Create and select a button, enter the custom Tag into the Tag input field located at the bottom of the Integration Designer window and the command will be mapped. Tags listed at top of this document.

Text Variables can NOT be mapped this way.

See section > Manual Text Variable Mapping

> Macro List

Another technique is to add a macro via the Macro List, drag Command across from Macro Steps to the Tag Editor area, click <select a device> and select MYQ, you can now select the functions provided via the driver.

e.g. - “Command – MYQ – [01] - Aston Martin \ Open”.

Finally, enter the name of the Macro you created into the Tag input field to map a command to a selected button.

> Manual Text Variable Mapping:

To manually map a text variable provided by the driver –

Create a button

Right click – Edit Text...

Select the Insert Control Variable icon.

Select MYQ.

Select desired Text variable.

Boolean variables can also be used as text. After adding the variable select the blue ‘{var}’ within the Edit Button Text window.

> State Variables:

isOpen / isClosed and isOn / isOff State Variables [BOOLEANS] are included in this driver to allow truly dynamic, custom panel possibilities including displaying a highlight around a button or bitmap icon that is currently true.

These variables have been pre-assigned as ‘tagtype’ - ‘visible’, meaning the visible state will automatically be programmed after dragging the Tag to the element.

> Additional Notes

Toggling Import Names on and off does NOT erase text entered into the name fields.

Names entered in Driver Properties will persist throughout project as the door identification even if Import Names is enabled. Make sure to manually revert names back to e.g. “GDO [1-12]” or leave blank to avoid door identification confusion elsewhere in project programming if you have decided to change set up from manual to auto naming

> Terms and Conditions

This page gives you all the information you need to know about Intrinsic Dev and the legal Terms and Conditions through which we sell the software listed on our website to you. These Terms apply to any contract of sale for products that exists between us and you.

Please read these Terms and Conditions carefully, if you do not agree with something written within them do not use our website or install our software. Before completing your purchase you will be asked to confirm you have read and understood these Terms, unfortunately if you refuse our Terms you will be unable to complete a transaction on our website.

We recommend you print a copy of our Terms and Conditions or save them to your computer so you can refer to them in the future as necessary.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions and recommend you read through them each time you use our site to ensure you understand how they apply to you.

These Terms, and any contract that exists between us, are in the English language only.

1. About Us

1.1 Intrinsic Dev is a trading name of Intrinsic Group Limited. Our registered office address is 9 Dicconson Terrace, Lytham, Lytham St Annes, FY8 5JY. Our trading address for all non-financial correspondence is The Maltings, Allendale, NE47 9EE.

1.2 Intrinsic Group Limited is registered in England and Wales under company number 09659256.

1.3 Contacting us:

1.3.1 To discuss a contract with us in accordance with your legal rights please simply contact us with your query. You can contact us by email at

1.3.2 To contact us for any other reason please submit a helpdesk ticket online as this is the quickest way to get in touch. Alternatively you can email but please note tech support cannot be contacted in any way other than the online helpdesk. You can also use the form on the Contact Us page.

1.3.3 If we need to contact you in regards to the contract that exists between us we will do so using the information you provided when placing the order, usually by phone or email.

1.4 Intrinsic Group Limited is a member of CEDIA. CEDIA is the international trade association and central touch point for over 3,700 member companies worldwide who design, manufacture, and install technology for the home.

2. Our Products

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2.2 Images on our website are for illustrative purposes only. Our drivers are only available as instant downloads and not available in any hard format.

2.3 Our software is licensed to you, not sold to you. All of our software is available to download free of charge but will require licensing to function. All products that are offered for sale on this website are licenses for the automation controller specified at the time of purchase.

2.3.1 Obtaining a license key from Intrinsic Dev grants you a non-exclusive, non-transferable, limited and revocable license to install and use the specified software on a device owned or managed by you or your organization. The number of license installations may not exceed the total number of licenses you purchased for the software.

2.3.2 This license applies only to the applicable driver/module purchased and any updates that supplement the original driver/module.

2.3.3 Intrinsic Dev's software is licensed, not sold, to you and Intrinsic Dev retains ownership of all copies even after installation on your device.

2.3.4 This license is valid only for the specific system identified at the time the license was purchased and cannot be resold or transferred by you on to any other system. Under exceptional circumstances Intrinsic Group Ltd may grant authorization to transfer an existing license to a new system but maintains the right to charge an administrative fee for this service as well as the right to refuse authorization at Intrinsic Group Limited's sole discretion.

2.3.5 Intrinsic Group Limited may transfer its rights and obligations, or sub-contract or sub-license to another legal entity, provided your consumer rights are not prejudiced.

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2.6 Intrinsic Dev reserve the right to withdraw a module/driver from sale at any time and for any reason, including, for example, if the equipment for which the driver/module is written is discontinued or substantially modified.

2.7 Intrinsic Dev carry out extensive BETA testing on all our software. Software that remains in BETA will not be offered for sale on this website. Our BETA testing scheme is covered by separate Terms, but in signing up to this scheme you consent to also abide by these Terms and Conditions. All BETA software remains the property of Intrinsic Dev and is covered by confidentiality agreements. This software must not be abused in any way as per section 2.5 and all discussions and findings during the testing phase are to remain confidential. Intrinsic Group Limited reserve the right to revoke BETA testing privileges at any time.

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4. Our Contract with you

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6. Delivery

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6.4 We recommend reading the integration notes for each driver before attempting installation.

7. Refunds and Warranty

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9. Support

9.1 We offer comprehensive support for our drivers/modules via an online ticket system. All support queries must be submitted through this ticket system. Any attempt to by-pass this system or to misrepresent priority levels will result in delays.

9.2 Intrinsic Dev offer paid for Remote Support packages for support that falls outside of standard driver queries, including, but not limited to, driver installation, wider system integration/programming and system design.

9.3 All drivers/modules written by Intrinsic Group Limited that require the purchase of a license key are fully supported for as long as they are listed on the Intrinsic Dev site.

9.4 We reserve the right to withdraw licensing and remove download links for a driver/module, thereby discontinuing on-going support at any time and for any reason. This includes, for example, if the equipment for which the driver/module is written is discontinued or substantially modified. The remainder of your rights and obligations pursuant to this license will not be affected should support be discontinued.

10. Other Terms

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11. Contact Details

Intrinsic Dev, The Maltings, Allendale, NE47 9EE, UNITED KINGDOM


VAT Registration Number: 298 2167 63

Intrinsic Dev is a trading name of Intrinsic Group Limited.

Company Reg Number: 09659256

One time license required.

Integration Designer 9 version of the driver can be downloaded from the Intrinsic myQ site. Click Purchase License to visit the Intrinsic myQ site.