Driver Details


Magnetar Blu-ray Players

Updated: May 24, 2024
Version: 1.0

This driver supports one way control of both the UDP800 and UDP900 Magnetar BD Players (neither player has any feedback).

Version History:

v. 1.0       The initial release of the driver


[Magnetar] [UDP800 / 900] [RS232] Version [1.0]

Introduction & Manufacturer Profile

Magnetar is an ultra-walker, in the forefront on the industry with more than 20 years of professional R&D and OEM experience in High End Audio and Video products, and determined to push the limits in quality and technology, keeping pace with new technological developments and firmly believing in its concept of restoring reality.

Version History

24/03/2023 - Version 1.0

Initial Release

System Requirements & Prerequisites

RTI System Requirements

Integration Designer: 9 or later.

XP FW: 22.3.31 or later.

Manufacturer Requirements

This driver supports one way control of both the UDP800 and UDP900 BD Players.

Neither player has any feedback.

Driver Configuration


Select Serial Port – Select the XP RS232 port you are using for the player.


This driver uses the following non-standard tags. For default tags, reference the master tag list.

Input: F/VFunction Usage

StandbyFPuts the player into standby

Second AudioFEnable/disable the second audio and menu
Pure ToneFSelects Pure tone mode

JumpFJump to the designated point to start playing
AB RepeatFRepeat playing the chosen segment
PIPFDisplay/hide picture-in-picture
Switch ResolutionFSwitch output resolution
HDRFDisplay HDR selection menu
Image AdjustmentFAdjust image brightness, contrast and saturation, etc.
Caption PositionFScrolls through the caption positions
System Testing

Integration Designer 11.8:

XP Processor Model: XP-8v

XP Processor Firmware: 24.3.29

Device Model(s): UDP800 / 900

Support Contact

RTI Control

+ 1.952.253.3137