Driver Details

Genie & Overhead Door

Updated: Oct. 6, 2023
Version: 1.3


Driver to control Genie & Overhead Door Garage Door Openers. Supports up to 20 Doors.

*** Please Note: This driver requires RTI Authentication(Firmware Version >= 23.5.11) ***


RTI Authentication Technical Bulletin

RTI Authentication Overview

RTI Authentication New Project Programming

RTI Authentication Existing Project Programming

Version History:

Version 1.1: Initial release

Version 1.2: Changed communication protocol to work with 23.5.11 XP Processor firmware version

Version 1.3: Fixed to work with updated Genie API and Authentication, see Additional Notes section of the driver instructions for more details.

Genie & Overhead Door

Genie & Overhead Door | Cloud based openers | IP Only | Version 1.3

Introduction & Manufacturer Profile

The Genie Company is one of Americabest known and trusted consumer brand names. In 1954, the company first produced its own garage door opener unit. It was the first mass-produced, radio-controlled residential garage door opener, and became the market leader in design, safety and reliable service; core values that Genie still upholds to this day.

Version History

Verison 1.2: Initial Release

Version 1.3: Fixed to work with updated Genie API and Authentication, see Additional Notes section for more details.

Driver Features

This driver allows for control over the garage door opener, and provides feedback if the door is open or closed.e

System Requirements & Prerequisites

RTI System Requirements

Integration Designer: 11.3

XP FW: 23.5.11

ManufacturerDevice Requirements

Genie or Overhead door cloud enabled garage door opener

Driver Configuration

Connection Type:


– Nothing to configure here in the driver properties, as this is a 100% cloud based connection.

Door Name:

This is the name of the door to assist with programming. It is also available for display on the panel via the Door Name variable.

Hub ID:

This is the deviceSerial Number which you are trying to control. The Hub ID of the device is simply the serial number of the device which controls your garage door. On the OHKT1-P this can be found on the back of the device on the sticker inside the area you wire the garage door too. On the Garage doors themselves this can be found on a sticker placed somewhere on the device, the instructions should show you where this is located as it is required for setting up the Overhead Door app on a mobile phone.

Door Number:

For use with a direct connection to the garage door use Door 1, if you are using a OHKT1-P or other model which provides support for multiple doors, select the correct number as wired into the device for this door.

Connect To RTI Authentication

This driver requires additional authentication in order to begin operation. Please reference the Technical Bulletin regarding Authenticated drivers for more instructions on how to get the end user to sign into their account, which will allow the driver to function.

Update to 1.3 with existing systems

If you are setting up a new system from scratch follow the Technical Bulletin on RTI Authentication as described above.

Overhead Door/Genie plan to update their API on or around 10/18/2023. End users will be required to update their app to control their garage door via the OHD Anywhere app. Italso required for the dealer to update the end userRTI system with driver version 1.3. The driver can be updated prior to the 10/18/2023 API change and OHD Anywhere app update and still have full control of the garage door operator.


Control & Feedback for this driver is reliant on cloud services, as such it may take a few moments for the status inside the driver to update. Please be aware that a command will be sent, and you may not see feedback on the panel for a few seconds, but your garage door should begin opening.

System Testing

Integration Designer: 11.4.1

XP Processor Model: XP-6s

XP Processor Firmware: 23.5.11

Device Model(s): OHKT1-P

Support Contact

Remote Technologies Inc

Phone Number: +1 952-253-3100