Driver Details

Classe Sigma SSP Processor

Updated: Aug. 31, 2017
Version: 1.12


This Driver is for the Classe Sigma SSP Processor using Serial (RS-232) or Ethernet connectivity.

Version History:

Version 1.1-1.12 adds compatibility with Integration Designer APEX and adds volume setting configuration for newer volume calculations used in newer firmware versions of the Sigma SSP processor.

Classé Sigma SSP Processor

This driver was designed and tested with a Classé Sigma SSP Processor. The driver was developed and tested with a Sigma SSP running firmware version BETA.

Revision History

1.0 The Initial release of the driver.

1.1 Maintenance update.

1.11 Adds the Advanced Programming Extensions for Integration Designer 10 and above.

1.12 Added volume setting configuration for newer volume calculations.

Connection Type

Network (TCP)

TCP Address - Enter the IP address of the Sigma SSP processor. It is required the Sigma SSP have a static IP address assigned to it for Network operation through the driver.

TCP Port - The default TCP port of the Sigma SSP is 50001.

- Note - When using Network (TCP) connectivity the WOL feature in the integrator setup menu must be enabled.

RS-232 Connection

Serial Port - Select the serial port on the XP processor which is to be used for serial communications. The RJS-232 connector should be hooked up directly to the serial adapter provided with the Sigma SSP processor. A null modem is not needed.

Baud Rate - The baud rate of the Sigma SSP is set to 19200 and cannot be changed.

Volume Settings

Volume Setting - select the correct setting for the Sigma SSP in use. Selections are:

Original Version - for older Sigma SSP firmware versions.

New Version - if volume does not track correctly with the Original Version setting or the Sigma SSP has updated firmware.

Source Settings

Source (1-18) Name - Enter the name to use throughout the driver for the respective source. Source names are not acquired from the Sigma SSP and may be different than the names entered in these configuration fields.

Driver Notes

- Variable feedback is available only for values returned in status request responses. Due to the inability of acquiring values not returned in status request responses some possible responses do not have variables as they cannot be obtained during initialization and are only available when control of the unit occurs.

- A RAW driver command has been included for future protocol change convenience.