Driver Details

Bose Lifetyle Home Entertainment System

Updated: July 18, 2017
Version: 1.32


This driver is for Bose Lifestyle' Home Entertainment Systems, connected to the XP processor via RS-232.

Version History:

Version 1.10 adds Zone 2/Room Expansion capabilities and updates the sample file.

Bose Lifestyle

This driver was designed and tested with a Bose Lifestyle 235 Home Entertainment System. Main Room/Zone 1 and Zone 2/Rooms B-O are supported.

Revision History

1.0 The Initial release of the driver.

1.10 Added Zone 2/Room expansion capabilities.

Updated Sample file.

1.2 Added Current Band Variables and Commands.

1.3 Added APEX auto-programming for volume and mute.

1.32 Driver Maintenance

RS-232 Connection

The serial (RS-232) connection on the Bose Lifestyle should be connected in the following fashion:

Bose Lifestyle <---------> RTI

Tip <-------------------------> Pin 2 (RX)

Ring <-----------------------> Pin 3 (TX)

Sleeve <--------------------> Pin 5 (GRD)

The baud rate of the Serial (RS-232) port is 19200.

Driver Notes

- This driver does NOT use a heartbeat for connectivity state.

- Unsolicited feedback is NOT provided by the Bose Lifestyle system. A continuous poll was created for updating two-way information when being controlled outside of the driver. Feedback latency is dependent on the position of the polling function and the response time of the Bose Lifestyle system.

- Variable initialization for available feedback is performed while the Bose Lifestyle system is powering up. If the processor is rebooted or downloaded to, a driver power on/toggle command is required to re-sync the variables.

- Two way feedback and control is provided for main zone power, source, volume, mute state, tuner station, tuner presets 1-9, zone 2 power, zone 2 source, room B-O active, room B-O local source, and room B-O volume/attenuation/mute.

- Volume/attenuation/mute variable capabilities are dependent on the type of room expander used. Some devices use an attenuated volume, some use normal ramping volume, and some do not provide any feedback for volume. Use the volume/attenuation/mute variables accordingly to the capabilities of the room expander.

- Rooms B-O have separate active (power) states from the zone 2 power state. A room can be using the local source without the zone 2 power state being active, but if a room is using a shared source from the main room, the zone 2 power state will be active.

- Tuner presets 10-25 only provide feedback. Direct access to tuner presets 10-25 is not available at this time. To access these preset the Channel up and down commands must be used.

- Tuner RDS program and text information is available if provided by station.

- A RAW command is provided for control of features not covered in the driver. Refer to Bose Lifestyle documentation for more information.