Driver Details

Blustream NPA100DA

Updated: Nov. 3, 2023
Version: 1.0


This driver allows for fullcontrol over the Blustream NPA100DA product.

Version History:

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Blustream NPA100

Blustream | NPA100DA | IP & RS232 | Version 1.0

Introduction & Manufacturer Profile

Blustream delivers advanced AV distribution performance with mission-critical reliability. Setting the standard world-wide, Blustream is now available in the US with a full line of HDBaseT, Video over IP and HDMI solutions for seamless AV integration within any installation environment

Version History

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Driver Features

This driver allows for full control over the Blustream NPA100DA product. If there are any commands which are not included that you would like to use, there is a raw command provided to give any additional commands the driver does not include.

The “Phase” function controls what shows on the Web GUI as L-Invert and R-Invert.

System Requirements & Prerequisites

RTI System Requirements

Integration Designer: 11.3.1

XP FW: 23.3.31

ManufacturerDevice Requirements

Blustream NPA100DA with firmware version 1.3.0

Driver Configuration

Connection Type:


– To connect to the device, you just need to type in the IP address to the proper field in the driver properties. The port number is defaulted to 23 which is the default telnet port, but if you have changed this in your device you should change this appropriately.


– To control the device via RS232, simply select the correct RS232 port from the list in Integration Designer. The rest of the settings for RS232 connection are preset in the driver, and require no user intervention.

Template Page Name:

This driver does not have a default template page added.


No known limitations at this time.

System Testing

Integration Designer: 11.4.1

XP Processor Model: XP-3

XP Processor Firmware: 23.5.11

Device Model(s): NPA100DA

Device FW: 1.4.0

Support Contact

Remote Technologies Inc

Phone Number: +1 952-253-3100