Driver Details

Blustream Multicast

Updated: Jan. 28, 2022
Version: 1.0


This driver was tested and developed using an ACM200 and IP250's.

Blustream Multicast

This driver was tested and developed using an ACM200 and IP250's.

Version History

1.0 - Initial Release


Note: You will need to have your system configured through the web portal before configuring the driver, as you need information about your system in order to configure the driver properly.

IP Address: The IP Address of the ACM Unit's Control LAN port. By default this is set to

Port: This Defaults to 23, you may need to change this depending on how your ACM is set up, the Telnet port is configurable on the ACM.

Input/Output Name: This is ONLY for configuration purposes and has no effect at runtime, this will change the variable/function names in ID and can be useful when programming your system.

Input/Output ID: This is the assigned ID's for the TX/RX units as listed on the ACM configuration webpage. You can find these ID's on the Transmitter and Receiver pages of the ACM configuration site.

IP200 vs IP250

When using IP250's there are variables, and functions for the audio routing that are labeled with (IP250) at the end of them, these should be used to control all of the audio routing.

When using IP200's there are variables and functions with much more limited audio options as these models do not include the full audio matrix capabilities. These functions also have the (IP200) at the end of them to signal which to use.