Driver Details

Blustream MFP62

Updated: April 5, 2024
Version: 1.1


This driver supports the Blustream MFP62.

Version History:

Version 1.0: Initial Release

Version 1.1: Added additional control. 

  • Add serial control
  • Add MIC Volume increase and decrease
  • Test Set Volume command
  • Test Selected input feedback - Added More Selected Input feedback

Blustream MFP62

This driver was written and tested using a Blustream MFP62 running firmware version V1.24

Release History:

1.0: Initial Release of the driver.

1.1: Adds Serial Control, Mic Volume Bumps, and booleans for input selected. Fixes issue with Set Volume command.


IP Address: This is the assigned IP address of the device.

Port: This is the port number. By default it is set to 23.

Input Names: These are purely cosmetic to assist you in programming your device within ID.

Using the driver:

There is a sample file included which shows 1 way of utilizing this driver which will mimic the Web GUI's functionality. We have also included many extra variables to allow for different GUI's to be created using the information given from the device to provide realtime feedback.

It is advised to keep the Mic Volume Bump commands to a repeat rate slower then 500ms(2 calls per second) to prevent the unit from locking up.

Button Tags:

As of the 1.1 release tags with the following format were added for input selections. These will program both the command, and variable to that button.

Input Selected: <Input Name ex. HDMI1>

Known Issues:

The OUT AUTO command seems to no longer be supported. The unit now no longer reports it as a valid command. This command is being left in for the time being incase it was due to an undocumented API change.