Driver Details

AudioControl CM-Series

Updated: April 5, 2024
Version: 1.0


This driver supports the AudioControl CM-Series.

Version History:

Version 1.0: Initial Release

AudioControl CM-Series

AudioControl CM-Series | IP Only | Version 1.0

Introduction & Manufacturer Profile

Born in the Pacific Northwest, a region known for cool sound. That could explain AudioControlaward-dotted nearly-50-year history of designing and building superb audio equipment from scratch.

We just a group of audio enthusiasts-including some of the worldmost talented engineers-dedicated to crafting exceptional audio experiences for people who crave incredible sound.

We believe that great sound has the power to transform your mood, elevate your spirits, and leave you with an inexplicable smile. It can make you feel alive, savoring every moment to the fullest.

So, give us a listen. Let our passion for sound ignite a change in your perspective-and maybe even your life.

Version History

Verison 1.0: Initial Release

Driver Features

This driver allows control over the CM-Series devices, giving access to volume, sources, and various other settings.

System Requirements & Prerequisites

RTI System Requirements

Integration Designer: 11.6

XP FW: 23.11.16

ManufacturerDevice Requirements

AudioControl CM-Series device

Driver Configuration

Connection Type:


– The IP Address of the device intended to connect for control. The port defaults to 23(the default for telnet connections)

Input Counts

– These fields are configurable, and should be set to include the inputs you are using, use the number of the highest input you intend to use.

Output Counts

– These fields will update as you add sources to the file, mono or stereo outputs respectively.

Input/Output Names

– These are cosmetic only, and affect function/variable names to assist in the programming of the device. These DO NOT get passed onto the device itself.

Known Issues:

The group removal command does not currently function. There is no API error, and this is an issue on the Audio Control side. You can achieve the same result by using the add group command “add no group”. This command is being left in for the time being as it is unclear if this was an undocumented API change.


The driver does not update all information on the heartbeat, to keep the most consistent data it is suggested to only control the device via RTI. This is especially important if using groups on the device, the driver uses an internal system to track group information, so changing groups from the web gui, or other control will throw the system out of sync, and may require a restart to regain correct status.

System Testing

Integration Designer: 11.7.1

XP Processor Model: XP-3

XP Processor Firmware: 23.5.11

Device Model(s):CM4-750

Device FW: 2.1.91

Support Contact

Remote Technologies Inc.

Phone Number: +1 952-253-3100