Driver Details

AtlasIED Atmosphere (Deprecated)

Updated: Oct. 7, 2022
Version: 1.0


This driver is for the AtlasIED Atmosphere series of digital audio processors, amplifiers, and accessories connected via Ethernet. Please read the driver "Get Info" for configuration and driver capabilities.

Important Note: Driver version 2.1 is now available on the driver store, please use the 2.1 version for all new installs as new updates will be released from that version. In order to take advantage of new features you must upgrade the driver to the 2.1 or newer version, which if using 1.0 currently will require reprogramming.

Version History:

Version 1.0 - Initial release of the driver.

Atlas Atmosphere

Tested using an AZM8 with firmware

Release History:

1.0: Initial Release of the driver.

***Manufacturer Note***: It is recommended that programming of third-party controllers is completed after configuration of the AZM4/AZM8 system is finalized. Removing (and possibly adding) Zones, Sources, Mixes, Groups, Messages, etc... from the setup has the potential to reassign third party parameter names. The "Third Party Control" also needs to be enabled from within the settings.


IP Address: This is the assigned IP address which can be found on the device.

Port: This defaults to 5321 which is the default port for the Atlas devices.

Parameter Counts: Include ONLY the number of Sources, Groups, Mixes, and Zones that are configured on your device. Adding any extras will cause the driver to fail.

Parameter Names: These names are purely cosmetic and are only used to assist in programming the system, these will not be sent to the device.

Parameter ID's: The various components of the device have ID's provided under "Settings"->"Third Party Control"->"Message Table" type in ONLY the number after the "_" into the ID fields in Integration Designer. These will be used to communicate with the device.

Driver Notes:

• For the AZM4 at the time of release, the ID's shown for "Groups" in the message table is off by -4, if your first group you add shows an ID something like GroupGain_-4, you will want to add 4 to that to put into the Driver Properties menu. For GroupGain_-4 you would put 0 into the Parameter ID field