Driver Details

Anthem MRX Receivers

Updated: July 18, 2017
Version: 1.11


This driver is for Anthem MRX series receivers, connected to the XP processor via RS-232.

Anthem MRX Receivers

This driver was designed and tested with an Anthem MRX 500 Receiver (firmware version 50.04 / multimedia version 1.1.0). This driver is NOT compatible with AVM Processors.

Revision History

1.0 The Initial release of the driver

1.1 Added APEX auto programming features for volume and mute.

1.11 Driver Maintenance

RS-232 Connection

The Serial (RS-232) connection on the Anthem receiver should be connected with a straight through cable to the XP series processor serial adapter.

The baud rate of the Serial (RS-232) port can be set at either 19200 or 115200. Default is set to 115200.

Driver Notes

- Variable initialization for the zones (Main, and Zone 2) only happens the first time the zone is turned on. If the zone is already on, a power cycle of the zone may be required.

- It is recommended that while using the driver, controlling the Anthem receiver by any means other than the driver commands be kept to a minimum as the Anthem receiver does not offer unsolicited feedback.

- Multimedia control and navigation is available via on screen only.

Note - This driver is NOT compatible with AVM Processors.