Driver Details

Allen and Heath AHM

Updated: Oct. 6, 2023
Version: 1.01


Driver to control Allen & Heath AHM series products. Supports up to 64x64 configurations.

Version History:

Version 1.0: Initial release

Version 1.01: Fixed an issue with zones not filtering properly on input commands.

Allen & Heath AHM Series

This driver was developed and tested using an AHM64

Release History:

1.0: Initial Release of the driver.

1.01: Fixed an issue with zones not filtering properly on input commands.


IP Address: This is the assigned IP address of the device.

Use Authentication: Enable this if you have the device set up with a user name and password which is not an empty password. This will then sign into the device before control can start.

Input Count: This is the number of inputs you intend to use on the device.

Control Group Count: This is the number of control groups you intend to use on the device.

Zone Count: This is a READ ONLY property which shows how many zone sources you have added to the project file.

Update Interval: This is an integer 1-60 which will configure how often the driver should run its polling sequence to update data.

Driver Notes:

The driver uses the first X number of inputs/outputs/groups as defined by the counts, if you wish to use input 8 for exampe you will need to say you are using 8 inputs. It is suggested to use the inputs/outputs/groups in order, to prevent the need from polling unused connections.

Set Level commands are based on a 0-123 scale, these are intended for use with the sliders, which are programmed to be set to a 0-123 scale based on the variable created for them. However if you would like to set the level to a specific place, not through a slider the following formula will allow you to calculate the correct decimal number.

[(Gain(in Db)+48)/58]*127

When Zones are paired, only the 1st zone in the pair will report correct variable or control information. DO NOT use the 2nd zone in the pair you will get unexpected results.

In large systems it is recomended to use longer update intervals, as this update polls the system for it's entire status, this can take some time in really large systems. The driver should stay up to date on information via unsolicited feedback, but this update interval is how often it will check itself.

Custom Bitmaps:

We have included a custom bitmap, which may be useful for displaying color information. To utilize this bitmap, copy and paste the "Allen & Heath Bitmap" folder into your bitmap directory as defined within Integration Designer under the "Options->Set Directories->Bitmaps" setting.